A 3 dog night?

It's always A 3 dog night at Rocky's K9 Rescue! It has been said that humankind would not have developed as quickly or strongly without its bond to the canine species. 

The working relationship and the trust that evolved between human and canine helped the human to hunt, kept him safe, warned him of danger and, and on a cold night, huddled into him for warmth. On a really cold night, the human would arrange multiple dogs around himself and his family. Some say this is where the expression ‘3 dog night’ originated.

Today, our lives are made safer, warmer and so very much happier with our canine companions. .. Rocky’s K9 Rescue began with a love of dogs. It's also about an appreciation of dogs, and how much they improve our lives. We support dogs because we adore these wondrous intelligent beings and because they make our lives, our world so much better; they are so very good to their humans. 

The Secret Lives of Dogs is an excellent documentary on the relationship between people and dogs and how it all began. Watch it on YouTube in episodes here 

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