Adoption Fees

Rocky’s K9 Rescue is a not-for-profit animal rescue. Bottom line is, we run at a loss. We take older animals and sick and injured animals as well as healthy and deserving dogs and cats. Our fees change from pet to pet, depending on their situation. For example, we might rescue a senior dog, but realistically we know that the fee we will receive will be a token fee, a small fee. We accept that our senior pet may be little harder to rehome. Does the golden oldie deserve a new home – absolutely!! You see the trade off. We charge a lower adoption fee, we still spend money to ensure all of the dog’s vet work is up-to-date, feed and worm the dog while in care. And, this dog may well be in care for months – even up to a year.

On the other side of that, we may re-home a puppy that many many people want. The rehome fee will be much higher. Why? – because we need to balance it out. We need to take a higher fee when we can to offset the lower fees and high need animals.

Each pet will have their adoption fee listed. We do not negotiate on adoption or admin fees. Please note; anyone you contact at Rockys’ K9 Rescue is working on a volunteer basis. They have volunteered to help animals, not argue over fees. If you disagree with our policy on fees, then we can only suggest you use a service where you do agree with their policy on fees.

Rockys’ K9 Rescue have wonderful supporters who, having seen evidence of our work, donate regularly. Many of our new owners, on adopting their new babe, add a donation to their adoption fee to ‘help the next one that comes along’.

Taking a Pet on Trial

We stress that the adoption of a dog or cat is a lifetime commitment. When you meet a dog or cat you are interested in, we urge you to bring your whole family including any other pets. There is a two week trial period. If during that time you decide this is not the right dog or cat for you, you are able to return your pet to Rocky’s K9 Rescue. Once a dog or cat goes on trial, this is what happens:

  • We continue to rescue other animals, we have a constant stream of animals coming into care
  • Their foster carer may take on a new pet or become unavailable
  • The pet is listed as ‘on trial’ and as such, no longer receives enquiries for a new home

If you return your pet, we then have to reactivate the search for a new home. We need to either make room at the main shelter or arrange a foster care place. Then we return to arranging meetings by email, phone calls to find this pet the right home.

Administration Fee

For this reason, your adoption fee will be refunded with the exception of a $100 administration fee. This is a policy that is in place in many (not all) animal rescue services. Again, we emphasise our resources are extremely limited and we have found this fee to be necessary to minimise our own costs financially and to our limited resources. 

Direct Aid

Rockys’ K9 Rescue runs at a loss. Adoption and admin fees do not cover the cost of running a rescue with all it’s associated costs – food, vets, grooming, treatments, transport and petrol, boarding fees (when the shelter is full and so are our foster carers), phone calls etc. Rocky’s holds sausage sizzles, auction events and other fundraising activities (all run and ‘staffed’ by volunteers)  to assist us in staying afloat. We also offer holiday care. Donations assist us more than we can say. Somehow we keep going. Our reward is our high rehome rate, and the absolute pleasure of making a difference and saving the lives of good and deserving animals. We have a wonderful league of supporters, who have pulled us through some very tough times – thank you! We are ever so grateful.

All adoption fees, donations, collections are used in direct aid to the animals. We do not profit or pay wages from any monies collected. We greatly appreciate your support.