A world without pounds?

End puppy farmsAnimal welfare associations worldwide believe that the over-supply of dogs bred for profit and sold in pet shops, is a major reason so many dogs end up unwanted and discarded to local pounds. We believe that to be true.

Stop puppy millsPet shops (despite what they might tell you) have a commercial interest in their 'stock' of puppies. These pups will almost always come from a 'puppy mill' - an awful place where dogs are often kept in dreadful conditions and only for their profit-making abilities. They live in small cramped cages, rarely see the outside, do not get adequate veterinary treatment and have little contact with humans. Parent dogs are bred over and over as part of this money-making operation. Decent conditions would eat into their profit margin.

Stop selling puppies in pet shopsMany people who buy from Pet Shops 'impulse' buy. Information given by the pet shops is often inaccurate and, in some cases, completely wrong.  So many of these dogs end up in the pounds.

You can help. Go to these links and join the fight to close puppy farming in Australia.