Ben – My New Fabulous Life

Ben and Chippa

Ben with his new sister, Chippa

27/1/2014 -The following was written by Ben’s new mama. We will have some new photos, and maybe a video in the next few months. He is living large in Melbourne!!

“Three weeks into the adoption of beautiful Ben and he truly seems to be loving life and fitting in so well. He goes with me and his new big sister Chippa everywhere and his favourite thing to do is go to the doggy beach and run around with other puppies like a mad man through the shallow water! When we don’t visit the doggy beach every day, we stay with my Mum at her bush property where he just loves going on walks, playing in the dam, chewing sticks and is totally mesmorised by all the animal sounds and open space.

Ben was far more timid on his road trip from Sydney to Melbourne, just
a little shy and unsure….but thanks to his foster carer Mel,  he was still able to trust us enough to stick close and cuddle up when he felt unsure. After the first couple of days settling into his new house he has become more and more cheeky and puppy like every day. He nuzzles us with his nose to start games, play bites (we are working on this with treats and distraction games!), loves chewing and playing with his toys, and tries to pinch all the sticks Chippa retrieves from the dam when she comes into the shallow water. Ben will wait for her here before bounding and splashing in and grabbing onto the end of the stick – both will not let go! He doesn’t really like his fur being wet though, so after he has played water games he proceeds to run laps around the dam, or up and down the beach! I will try to get a video of this to post some time soon.

Again thanks to Mel, he is sooo good with toileting and asks to go out in the morning when he needs to, before running back in and jumping straight back under the doona in my bed. He is such a snuggler and sleeps in a ball next to me, sometimes under the doona when it’s cooler, with his little nose nuzzled into my back or stomach – adorable! He does wake up cheeky and happy and thinks its funny to wake me up by starting to play bite my hands. Benny is a beautiful boy and has been such a lovely, sweet, lively addition to our family. He will be spoilt and loved dearly forever, just as he deserves :)”