Our Love Stories page depicts some of our rescued animals in their new lives, as told by their new guardian. Rocky’s rescues hundreds of pets each year, and you can see them all in our rehomed section.  

  • Prince

    Merna, I dearly want to thank both yourself and Karen (previous foster mum), for being honest with us about Prince, allowing us to give it 100%. We obviously appreciated the trial period to enable us to ensure that this was the best possible outcome for both our family and for Prince. See full letter here.

  • Ralphie

    Whenever we go for a walks I forget to take pics but I have attached some a friend made when we were out walking together. In the morning we go to the dog playground and he is running with the other dogs. He is too cute! He usually wears a red or black bandana and he is so proud of that! Read More..

    • Charlotte

      Charlotte at the WeddingCharlotte was adopted over a year ago from Rocky's K9 Rescue. Here she is (the choc lab) with her new parents and sibling. Her new parents were married. Congratulations to the whole family. A true loooove story!!

    • Benson

      Having had pedigree animals for the last 20+ years we are overwhelmed at the joy of giving this wonderful and lovable dog a second chance at life. We are ever so grateful and appreciative to the people at Rocky’s K9 Rescue who saved Benson and many other animal lovers who care for these animals when they fall on hard times. Read full email here