Love Stories at Rockys K9 Rescue

Our Love Stories page depicts some of our rescued animals in their new lives, as told by their new guardian. Rocky’s rescues hundreds of pets each year, and you can see them all in our rehomed section.  

Beautiful Brave BenBen: Our very special Ben had a lot to overcome after being thrown from a moving car. Rocky’s saved this boy and his new mama came from interstate to give him the life he deserves! read more

HoneyHoney: Hello fellow dog lovers. Thanks to the amazing people with this group who dedicate their lives to dog rescue, stories like this exist. Honey was abused and starved. I adopted her in May 2011…read more

Saffie: Saffie ‘pawditioned’ at the Capitol Theatre along with many other dogs. The criteria was they had to be trained, non pedigree and get on with other dogs and children. This was made for Saffie as she lives to play in the park with every dog she sees. Read more

RubyRuby: Rachael & Rod adopted a cheeky puppy Ruby some years ago…and being active volunteers with Newcastle Rescue, adopted another a little while later – foster failure :)- . Next, this generous loving couple had their very own (human) baby. Here she is with Ruby, adopted from Rocky’s K9 Rescue.


Marie & MickeyWhen Marie went to see Mikey for the first time, Merna warned her that he would be shy at first. Not so, he saw Marie and became hers instantly. Marie burst into tears and a bond was formed. They have been living and walking together very happily, every day since.


Holly Holly is already like part of the furniture and has settled in well to our family and loves playing with her new playmate Sonny. Sonny is an avid swimmer in our pool, Holly was very reluctant to join him for a swim until last Sunday when she finally took the plunge. I’ve attached a photo for you 🙂 see original email here.

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